2.53 billion People are Smartphone users while 1.32 billion people are tablet users, worldwide. Clearly, it can be seen there is a user bias towards Smartphones; the number of people who use Smartphone is half that of those who opt for tablet. Each of the two has its own pros and cons. let’s have a look at why people prefer mobile phones over tablets – and those who go for tablets, what are their reasons?

  • Portability

This is perhaps the biggest point in favor of mobile phones. Small, easy to carry around, mobile phones have become the definition of portability. Most of the time no bigger than the back of the hand, smartphones are easy to carry, store, and use. This comfort is not found in tablets. The screen space is large, cannot be fit in your jean’s pocket and has to be carried around in a bag.
While there are tablets available that weigh less than a pound, mobile phones still seem to be favored for on the go usage.

  • Phone is a necessity

According to Pew research centre, 46% of smart phone owners “couldn’t live without” their mobile phone. One other research says, 80% of millennial reach for their phone first thing in the morning. These figures and strong statement are reason enough to suggest a phone has become a crucial part of today’s life. It is understandable considering phones today don’t just offer texting or calling – they encompass a whole world inside. From storing pictures to social media access, phones cover it all.

Percentages found on Forrester Research suggest tablets on the other hand are used when relaxing. It is more likely to be used in the living room, at café, or other places where the user is usually stationary. It is used for reading, playing game, watching a movie rather than chatting unlike phones. The activities common on tablets tell us more attention is given to the content viewed on a tablet when compared to a phone, where attention is fleeting.

  • User experience

While there are some big points in favor of phones, a tablet’s user experience tips the scale and balances it. A tablet most definitely has the bigger screen, better resolution, and as some say “fat finger friendly”. Visuals such as videos are preferred over textual content; a bigger screen automatically provides the better experience.

  • Phones are personal

In this infographic, 50% of people feel uncomfortable in leaving smartphones away from them. It may be deduced, a phone is considered more of personal use containing personal or intimate data. On the flip side, a tablet is usually shared by the whole family, and is seldom in the possession of a single person.

This would lead us to believe a tablet is less personalized thus, retaining a lesser degree of emotions from the user. Phones, considering have a lot personal content stored, and are more likely to be upgraded and see a long term usage as compared to a tablet

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