Nobody is unknown to the beauty and shine a diamond possesses. A diamond is said to be a girl’s best friend and numerous people marry over the diamond promise since its said to be forever. A diamond’s cut, clarity, carat and color are the most important aspects when you decide to buy diamond jewelry. While there exist numerous different types of diamonds, two of the diamond types are very popular amongst women specially. These are: white and chocolate diamonds. Women all across the world are getting customized white and chocolate diamond jewelry made to flaunt with their outfits and add a touch of elegance to their attire.

Let’s have a look at both of the types of diamonds.

Sparkly white diamonds

The most traditional and popular form of diamonds, i.e. white diamonds, are rare gemstones. These gemstones are popular as being colorless, but in reality, they are not colorless. They possess hues of tinted colors. The value and the rarity of these diamonds are based on how close the diamond is to being colorless. White diamond jewelry, although a candy to the eye and a forever piece to keep, comes with its high price tag. It cannot be easily afforded by majority.

Yummy chocolate diamonds

Contrary to what the name suggests, chocolate diamonds are not made from chocolate. They are rich colored diamonds in hues of brown found in the Argyle mine in Australia. The company specializing in the manufacturing of kickass chocolate diamond jewelry pieces, Le Vian gave this catchy branding name to differentiate the color of their diamonds from usual brown diamonds. Although rare, chocolate diamonds are not as expensive as white diamonds. They can be customized to the core into elegant jewelry pieces to suit your wardrobe and add beautiful colors to your ornaments.

Which one is better?

Both come with own their uniqueness and class and both are aesthetically pleasing to look at. But if you wish to buy mesmerizing jewelry pieces without a deep dent on your pocket, you should opt for Le Vian’s chocolate diamond jewelry. The designs and the cuts will leave you in awe and make you the start of the show!

Which one should you buy?

Whether you should get white diamond, or a chocolate diamond jewelry is completely up to the discretion of the individual. If you have accumulated large sums of money and want to buy yourself a memorable piece of jewelry to be kept with you forever or you want a sparkly diamond to shine brighter than the light, you should opt for a white diamond jewelry piece. But if you want to enjoy the beauty of diamond, shininess, uniqueness, beautiful cut and an affordable price tag, you should opt for a chocolate diamond jewelry piece. This will suffice your desire of getting a stunning brown diamond. And after being endorsed by multiple celebrities on multiple occasions, the trend and the craze of chocolate diamond has reached an unimaginable height.