When you have put tireless efforts into developing an app, you would want the app to reach a wide audience base. Marketers achieve this by creating effective mobile app marketing campaigns that increase app visibility and eventually app revenue. With your app marketing efforts, you give your audience complete information about your product even prior to the release of the app. Through your campaign, you also tell users about the features the app provides.

The important question every app marketer of today ponders over is how much you should spend on mobile app marketing plan in 2019.  As a matter of fact, it is not a simple process as many factors are considered.


What’s The Magic Number?

There is not a single budget figure that every app marketer follows. Rather each app marketer calculates the budget depending upon the viability and available resources. There are a lot of different ways to calculate the budget you allocate for marketing. Even if you do not have a lot of resources to spare, keeping some budget for your marketing efforts is better than keeping no budget at all.

A simple rule of thumb to calculate your app marketing budget is: spend an equal amount on app marketing as you have spent on the development of the app. It may come off as a lot of money in the beginning but to top the charts in the app store, you must take the investment leap first. Customers will become even more informed in the upcoming years and will require engaging apps. To cope up with the changing demand, app marketers must allocate appropriate budget to promote apps in an efficient manner.



The Process Of Budgeting

In order to create a budget that is appropriate for your app, start off with analyzing the purpose of the app. App marketing budget majorly depends upon the market you wish to serve and your intended target audience. Your app could be an extension of your brand identity or market where you sell goods. While the goals can be unique, the price of promotion also varies largely.

The next step involves identifying the mediums you will use to reach out to the target audience. In this digital world of today, a combination of workable mediums is used to attract as many customers as possible.

Finally, decide the tools you want to deploy in the campaign. These tools will determine the estimated cost you would have to spend. When you now tally with the available resources, you might have to deduct some tools to fit in your allocated budget.



Gone are the days when apps made their mark without a compelling marketing plan in place. In this sea of apps today, you must stand out with your app and for that, you must allocate a good portion of your budget on the app marketing efforts. While there exists no exact amount to spend on marketing, it’s an investment decision you will have to make for yourself.