A few years back when a young entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg came up with this idea of connecting people around the world with a social networking site Facebook, no one had the impression that this could actually take over the world. Today almost with 2.13 billion active users worldwide, Facebook has now become one of the top 5 largest country of its own. People are here not only to communicate and connect, yet it also has the potential to be the current platform to grow businesses and help them reach to the new customer range.

Many big brands and companies of different genres have their presence on the site and are continuously working on how to improve it on daily basis. It has different features to connect with your audiences and create the brand voice as well as increase in sales. One of the ways to know your potential audience in Facebook marketing strategy is by the number of likes. Keeping the nature of your brand in mind, creating the most likeable and engaging content is the main key to get more likes. Let’s have a look at the 5 most effective ways of getting it done.

1.      Get Your Information Upgraded

After having a Facebook page for your business, it should has every relevant and accurate information about what you own and your audience might be interested in. There are many sections of your page, each should be filled with the content that is optimized and searchable by search engines, helpful and pertinent to understand what you’re offering and fascinating enough to charm the viewers. Make your page discoverable as much as possible. Include the like button on your page and remove the barriers if you have any.

 2. Know Your Audience

To start with any Facebook agency, or leading your business in right direction, one should know the targeted audience to work with. The number of your Facebook fans wouldn’t be a pride metric unless you have crafted the potential audiences. A more delicate and researched audience can drive you to the desired traffic and leads for your brand/business through regular engagement.

3. Be a Little More Active

Being lively on your page is one of the most effective ways to stay connected with the audience. If you are not often, try to be a little more frequent as it will increase your visibility. Know what you’re showcasing as it will make an impression on viewers of your business. Create content that is relatable to your business as well as users.

 4. Engaging Content

Valuable and quality content is the key to get likes. The more interesting and engaging content you come up with, the higher are the chances of connecting with people. Building a long-term affiliation with your fans depends on how thriving your page is able to narrate story or idea you want to share. Post more visual content like photos and videos.

5.      Expand Your Reach

You can always use the promoting strategies like Facebook ads and paid social ads to appear more frequently. Facebook is not just about fan groups or pages; it offers you to craft your advertising campaigns to expand your business. Doing a proper research on the parameters, what kind of people do you want who can see these ads, their interests, locations, regions and status; your campaign can expand the potential reach.