Emails are an exceptionally versatile medium. We all are quite aware they are not a one trick pony – this medium has its links tethered in a lot of areas.  But email addresses are not as innocent as they seem; at least for email marketers.

As it turns out, while emails are exceptionally important in this field, they can be equally troublesome too – especially the bad ones.  Differentiating between good and bad emails is very important.

Read on and find out why many reputable businesses take time out and bother to validate their email listing.

  • Prevents Abuse

An Email verifier can prevent your account from this abuse and identify spam traps and dead accounts.  It can also detect temporary email address that might help your business to attract real customers rather than fake accounts.

It’s not just us: a blog on storify says, email verification can also eliminate hard bounces and improve your IP reputation providing you a great data score. A high score can boost your campaign and business.

  • Increases Interaction

A lot of email addresses contain typos, domain or similar kinds of error and can reduce the chance of your business interaction with customers.

Alternatively, people use fake email addresses or someone else’s email address without owner’s permission – frequent verification and validation can decrease the chances of this happening.

A validated email list increases the chances of interactions with a real person rather than a bogus account and helps expand your business.


  • Return On Investment (ROI)

As an entrepreneur you will spend a lot of time developing marketing strategies and campaigns. These campaigns will help you collect email addresses and data; inaccurate email addresses will not only waste your time and effort but will use up your money, too. Email service providers charge money not only for delivered emails but for undelivered emails as well.

Since inaccurate emails can also take up a lot of information database, you can use email verification software to help you figure out what kind of email addresses to remove from your list. Helpful features, such as integration with popular email platforms like iContact and many more will make your task smoother than ever.

Need more reason for why email validation is a crucial step to save your time, money and effort?


  • Deliverability

An email marketer is always trying to improve their rate of deliverability and increase their email campaigns. Having a bad account can reduce your rate of deliverability by 10% which is why email verification can help your business grow and increase deliverability.


Email Verification is a fast and easy process once you get connected to the right kind of service provider. is our favorite email verifier and it will help make your email campaign successful. 50,000 clients cannot be wrong, can they be?




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