The world is full of criminals and deceitful liars, and in every unsecure digital-platform is a criminal’s playground. Every year, there seems to be new emerging methods of how criminals can participate in activities that would involve in cybercrime and other cyber violations. In this post, we will be discussing some of the awareness’s that many should be aware of and how you can stay one step ahead, before a cyber-attack is inflicted upon you!

It isn’t much of a surprise if your sensitive data was hacked into through a cyber-attack, however it is surprising to discover the possibilities of how an on-line criminal can use software applications to build their illegal businesses across the globe, making themselves aware in the market on a global scale. With the right type of application and the right type of advertisement, a criminal can become a millionaire in one single night!

Delivery apps are vulnerable to becoming a playground for criminals and drug dealers. The chances of a criminal using a delivery driver app to make “drug-runs” are high and there is no solid way to secure the platform. A delivery app can be used for multiple illegal actions, some of them may include the following;

  1. Grand theft auto
  2. Distribution of drugs
  3. Drug Trafficking
  4. Illegal Human Trafficking
  5. Distribution of deadly concealed weapons
  6. Hitman / Murderous Operations

The possibilities are endless. Delivery driver applications are mainly private and are not operated by any government parties nor any local law enforcement. Therefore, it is a platform that makes it possible to build an illegal infrastructure that is dependent on a delivery app networks, colligated into a hub of different illegal operations. Now although no reports of such incident have been recently reported, it is too early to say that nothing like this would happen in the near future, as delivery driver apps are prone to be used to conduct illegal exchanges.

What Developers Need To Do In Order To Stay Ahead Of Criminals?

Developers of software applications needs to join forces with perhaps a narcotics investigator, whom has experience with tracking and identifying criminals. Developer’s needs to understand that delivery applications are like a skeletons, awaiting to have its characteristics associated to it… Therefore deliver driver apps becomes a universal source for criminals to build their careers on such platform that offers security, privacy and concealment from the public’s eye. A platform that offers secure logins for criminals and private communication engagements for illegal transactions is a “cyber-stealth approach”, making criminals invisible to law enforcements and other witnesses. Although this wouldn’t really effect the general population, it would increase criminal activities that can lead to even a greater innovation in using delivery driver apps to conduct other types of transactions that may include severe violations against any person that uses such delivery app and a severe violation against the state law, which can lead to persecution and other criminal court proceedings. Developers should work on methods to solidify the platform grounds of any application that is potential to misusage or any act in which would be considered cybercriminal activities.